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$20 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Helpful blog
  • Reasonable rates
  • Nice website


  • Could be foreign (based on several factors)
  • Hardly any online reviews
  • Exaggerated claims

Elite Essay Writers Review

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eliteessaywriters.com homepage

Who is Elite Essay Writers?

The company says they are located in London, which we hear a lot. What happens when we dig a little deeper is that often, they are really in Kenya or India. We have no proof of their actual location. We are basing our review on mostly facts, but with a few hunches thrown in (like that these guys are likely from a non-native English-speaking country).

There is no “About Us” section on the website, so we have nothing to go off of when it comes to who these guys are, why they started the business, what drives them, etc.

Exaggerated claims seem likely with the numbers above.

It seems these guys are really exaggerating their claims above. If they’ve executed nearly 39,000 projects, where are the reviews? Also, we’re expected to belive they employ over 3,000 writers, and that at any given time, nearly 1,000 of them are standing by to write a paper where they’ll walk away with (probably) $20-$40? They also give a 4.8/5 customer satisfaction rate, but where is the proof to back that up?

An Informational Blog:

Elite Essay Writers Blog

They seem to have a decent blog, with helpful articles and tips. When you click on a post, a quick read shows that the content is written well and reads like an English-speaking writer created it.

How Much is a Paper?

A one-page paper with 1 source, and with a 2-day deadline, is $20.00. They offered a discount because we were new customers. That brought the price to $18.00, which is lower than the competition.

Price for a one page paper at Elite Essay Writers

What Kind of Online Reviews Do They Get?

There are only 3 reviews online between sitejabber.com and trustpilot.com. Due to the fact that the company has supposedly been in business for ___years, that is suspicious.

http://eliteessaywriters.com claims to be in business over six years. Where are the reviews, then?

Pros & Cons:


  1. Helpful blog posts
  2. Reasonable rates
  3. Good website


  1. Could be a foreign company
  2. No online reviews, yet they claim to be in business over 6 years
  3. Exaggerated claims (nearly 39,000 executed projects but no online reviews?)

Final Thoughts:

These guys have a helpful blog (well-written, too), reasonable rates, and a nice, easy to use website. The only red flag is that something about them seems all too familiar (like they might be a foreign company operating under one name, but actually part of another outfit). We think there is a good chance you will get a paper back from a foreign writer, but we can’t say for sure. The per-page rate is reasonable so you could always order a 1-page paper and see how they do. If it’s bad, you could request a refund or be out only around $18-$20. If it’s good, you just found yourself a new essay writing service!

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