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  • Foreign company
  • Operating under various names (like Kiwi Papers)
  • Very high prices

Edusson Review

(Edusson and Kiwi Papers are the same service, operating under different names)

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Who is Edusson?

Well, one thing we know for sure is that Edusson sure seems to be the exact same guys as Kiwi Papers. Check out a tiny clip from the exact same email we got from each of the companies. Both came in at the same time, and the only thing worded differently was the name of the business. and are apparently the same company
Kiwi Papers and Edusson are apparently the same outfit

The rest of the emails were exactly the same as each other. They came through at the exact same time, too. This, of course, leads us to believe the two essay services are the same outfit, doing a poor job of covering that up!

How Much is a Paper?

Look at the prices for a 1-page basic paper. One of these is $74.50!

We selected a mid-range writer and requested 1 page with a 2 day deadline. Immediately, we started getting quotes. Look at the one from “EliteProf” for nearly $75.00!

Nearly $75 for one page with a 2-day deadline?? Outrageous!

This is by far the highest rate we have ever seen for a basic 1-page book report. In fact, we didn’t give any additional details. This was the most basic, lowest rate offered by this writer for our prompt of “One page book report” so it may have gone up, had we added in extra details like citation, sources, and other specifics.

Keep in mind, we requested a mid-range writer. Therefore, it we had bumped our request up to their “top” writers, the bids would be even higher per page!

Strange Chat Experience:

Strangely worded chat at Edusson tells us this is definitely a foreign essay writing service.

You can see, the chat agent (who was very aggressive and wouldn’t stop sending message after message as I browsed) immediately offered the most expensive of the “top” writers… you remember, the one who bid $75!

Chat agent still offering writers that charge $43 per page.

So, Edusson has no problems admitting that a 1-page paper with 2 days’ notice is anywhere from $43-$75 and beyond! There are so many other writing services out there that will not gouge you. Trust us on this!

Online Reviews:

Trustpilot shows 63 reviews for Edusson on their site. They are 86% positive and 14% negative. reviews for Edusson

Sitejabber shows 94 reviews and gives the company 3/5 stars. reviews for Edusson

Sitejabber in particular, has a lot of extremely damning reviews for Edusson. It is worth checking them out here: and typing in “Edusson” in the search bar. There are accusations of scamming, collecting data for resale, and extremely poor work. Nearly half of the reviews are negative on Sitejabber, so please take a look for yourself. Here are only a few.

There are many, many reviews on Sitejabber that state cases of people applying to be a writer, supplying personal information (including writing samples) and then being swiftly denied employment with no explanation. Could it be that Edusson (Kiwi Papers) is collecting data for some other reason?

Pros & Cons:


  1. Easy to use website
  2. Chat agents always available


  1. Foreign company
  2. Operating under the name of Edusson and Kiwi Papers (maybe even more)
  3. Scary reviews that are worth investigating
  4. Very high prices

Final Thoughts:

The biggest red flag is that Edusson and Kiwi Papers are the same company operating under different names, yet they deny it.

Chat agent denies being connected to Kiwi Papers.

Although the chat agent admitted they’re in Bulgaria (so is Kiwi Papers) he denied being the same outfit. But how do you explain that they send out the same emails at the exact same times, only under different names?

The chat agent went on to vehemently deny being associated with Kiwi Papers, but how do you explain the same emails coming in at the exact same time-stamped time?

The emails are the same, worded exactly alike. They come in on the same date at the same time. It’s hard to imagine this is a coincidence, right?

Therefore, when you catch a company (any company) in a lie, it’s hard to imagine trusting them with your money in any capacity. We recommend you keep looking for a more reputable essay writing service, particuarly one from an English speaking country.

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