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EduGenie Review

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Who is EduGenie?

EduGenie doesn’t even bother with an “About Us” page. That’s kind of lame, as the kids would say. What company (especially an essay service who people are apprehensive to try anyway) doesn’t take a minute to introduce themselves to their prospective clients?

We did a quick domain search and they’ve done a good job disguising their real location. It says Arizona, which we’d bet all our marbles is a lie. Most foreign essay services claim to be in Delaware or Arizona.

How Much is a Paper?

A paper due in 2 days, starts at about $15+ per page. However, as with most foreign essay writing services, you have to pay a lot more for “better” writers. See below.

packages charges a lot more per page for “better writers.”

Now, first of all, nearly $11 more per page for their best writers? That’s like a 75% markup per page from the original $15 quote. Crazy! Secondly, EduGenie provides ZERO proof that their “Premium” writers really do have 6 years of experience and a 95%+ satisfaction rate. Without any evidence, and combined with other false claims on their site, this statement of theirs seems like a full-on lie!

So, what does a paper cost at EduGenie? Our best estimate is $26 per page.

Online Reviews:

We couldn’t find a single review for Don’t you find that odd? They claim to have glowing reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. reviews claims to have great reviews but we couldn’t find a single one.

You’ll see below that neither Trustpilot nor Sitejabber has even a single review for So, there you go. That is a lie on EduGenie’s part. Watch out for essay services that blatantly lie to their customers right out of the gates. review shows no reviews for review shows no reviews for

Pros & Cons:




  1. A foreign essay service that disguises their real location
  2. Could even be a front for something else since they have no reviews or “About Us” section
  3. Way too many false (or at least unproven) claims on their site

Final Thoughts:

We’d like you to strongly consider a possibility when it comes to some of these questionable essay writing services. Have you ever thought that maybe an essay service with no “About Us” section, no reviews, and a lot of big claims, is a front for another more well-known essay service? In other words, you place an order with EduGenie, but that money, that business, goes to XYZ essay service instead?

If that’s the case (and who knows?) then you might unknowingly get an essay writing service you’ve used unsuccessfully before.

We aren’t saying that’s the case with EduGenie. It’s just strange that they’re not only so secretive, but also have no reviews.

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