Edu Birdie









  • Offers a lot of services
  • You'll get multiple bids very quickly
  • Plenty of reviews


  • Foreign (Bulgaria)
  • Automated quotes are overwhelming
  • Inflated claims about writer qualifications

Edu Birdie Review

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Who is Edu Birdie?

EduBirdie is a paper writing service located outside of the US. It’s not 100% clear if they’re in Cyprus, Gibraltar, or Bulgaria. It really depends on where you look to get that question answered. The only sure thing, is that they’re not in the states so it’s a foreign essay writing service.

They don’t really tell you on the site who is running the operation. They have an “About Us” section, but it tells you nothing about when the company started, who started it, or why they chose to create an essay service.

Supposed writers at EduBirdie
Edu Birdie claims that nearly every single writer has an advanced degree.

EduBirdie claims that nearly every writer on their site holds an advanced degree. Notice their titles, “Doctor,” “Professor?” This is highly, highly unlikely to be true. Most legitimate writing services utilize college students, as well as college graduates, but do not require a master’s degree or Ph.D. Think about it: If writers were so advanced, why work for such a cheap rate writing high school papers?

Finally, their location seems to be Bulgaria. Now, you might see it listed as any number of other locations, but this is taken from the bottom of their website.

EduBirdie shows their location as being in Bulgaria on their website.

How Much is a Paper?

The way ordering works at EduBirdie is that you have to provide an email to get a price. This is not common, and it’s pretty aggravating. They don’t need your email to give you a simple quote.

Once you provide the email (you can use a fake one), you are inundated with quotes that range from reasonable to outlandish. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to the quotes.

We filled out a basic prompt, and here is what came through within sixty seconds…

Automated bids coming through at EduBirdie
Immediate quotes once we provided an email.

As you can see, the price ranges from $25 to $42. Two things: First, getting immediate quotes tells us that these are not real people. They wouldn’t have even had time to read the prompt and see what to charge. This is automated. Who knows who would really be writing your paper. Second, look at the wildly varying prices. It seems like a tactic to provide one really low price and one really high one, so that you’ll choose something in the middle, which for them, is still better than choosing the low price. Sneaky!

Online Reviews:

Sitejabber and Trustpilot are two reliable sources for online reviews. We looked there and found that Sitejabber had several reviews (mixed) and Trustpilot didn’t have any.

Here is a random sampling of reviews from Sitejabber.

Review on Sitejabber for EduBirdie
A good review mentioning a writer by name.
Sitejabber review for EduBirdie
A failing grade from a writer at EduBirdie.
Sitejabber review for EduBirdie
Refund issues at EduBirdie.
A review on Sitejabber for EduBirdie
Customer service issues at EduBirdie.
Sitejabber review on EduBirdie
A satisfied customer, although some things are worded strange, such as “pleasant prices.”
Sitejabber review on EduBirdie
Plagiarism complaint at EduBirdie.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Offer a lot of services
  2. You’ll get multiple bids very quickly
  3. Plenty of reviews on Sitejabber


  1. Foreign essay service (Cyprus)
  2. Automated quotes become overwhelming
  3. Inflated claims about writers’ education levels on site

Final Thoughts:

When you have to provide an email just to get a quote, that’s a strike against any service in our opinion. When you then provide a fake email, but still get inundated with quotes immediately after you give that email, that tells us EduBirdie just wants your email. They don’t need it, or clearly they would just send the quotes to the email, not pop up dozens on your screen the minute you hit “Next” after giving them your email.

Aside from the email aggravation, there is the fact that they’re a foreign essay writing service. That means you’ll get foreign writers.

We’ve seen a lot of complaints about plagiarism, missed deadlines, and refund issues.

There are a lot of reasons to move on, here. The biggest red flag is that they’re a foreign essay service. But number two would definitely be that they seem to employ slick tactics to get you to choose the higher offer. Hear us out…

If you’re going to a friend’s house for dinner and you want to take a bottle of wine, you go to the store and look them over. You see an $8 bottle of wine and a $52 bottle of wine. The choice is easy. You’ll get the $8 bottle. But, imagine if in between the $8 and $52 bottle, you see a $12 bottle, a $22 bottle, and a $30 bottle? You, not wanting to be cheap, might go with the $22 bottle, right? Bingo! They just made more money off of you. You might not have purchased the highest level, but you didn’t go with the low one either. The store successfully got you to spend more just by providing various prices. And that’s exactly what EduBirdie is doing.

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