Edu Birdie Honest Review

Edu Birdie

$32 and up per page








  • Plenty of services offered
  • Online reviews to browse


  • Foreign (Cyprus)
  • Priced higher than average
  • Can't pick your writer

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Who is Edu Birdie?

Jumping straight to their “Contacts” section, we see the company is in Cyprus (not an English speaking country)…

Edu Birdie is a foreign essay writing service who does have an “About Us” section on their website, but it doesn’t really tell you anything about them! The thing is, they don’t want to introduce themselves to you, or you’d quickly realize they’re foreign. We can’t speak for you, but our guess is you don’t want a foreign writer doing your paper??

Even without details, it’s easy to see the show is being run by foreigners. Look at the wording below and see if you can spot a non-native English-speaking writer behind it?

Look, the bottom line is that teachers can spot a foreign-written paper. It’s your academic career on the line after all. It’s something to think about before moving forward with ANY essay writing service. You have to ask yourself how important a native English-speaking writer is to you.

While you’re asking questions, ask yourself how believable it is that “Mary” is really the head of customer service…

How Much is a Paper?

You can’t punch in basics and get a starting off quote on, say, a price calculator. That sucks. You have to physically create an account. That always sucks because then they have your email address and you can be sure they’ll use it. Often!

Whatever, right? So, here is what comes up after you cough up your email address:

They don’t tell you “WHY” Diamonds are so good. They don’t tell you what makes them better writers, only that you’ll pay 20% more for one. At every turn they’re upcharging. Even “Best writer” is another ten bucks for them to pick the best writer for you. How do they know who is best for you??

We selected “all writers” and this is what came up. Two choices, and they say the one we should pick is the pricier one. Hm. So, it’s $32 per page with 2 days’ notice? A little high, especially when it’s not a native English-speaking writer.

Best & Worst Findings:

~Best: Reviews on sites like to help you get a better feel for the company

~Worst: Foreign writers!

Final Thoughts:

If you can get past the fact that they’re located in Cyprus (a non-native English-speaking country) and that you can’t pick your writer or speak with him/her before ordering (or during the process), then you can try out Edu Birdie.

Another thing to consider is that you’ll be bombarded with price quotes once you give them your email. Flooded is another way to put it. It can get overwhelming, especially if you were just browsing papers but don’t necessarily want to buy one right now.

Their prices are a little higher than average (average is about $25-$27 per page) at $32. We’d suggest starting with a smaller paper and see what you think before ordering a longer one.

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