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$40 (see our notes)








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  • Foreign essay service (India)
  • Pushed hard for the sale without providing info or help
  • These guys don't understand English at all

Call Tutors Review

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Who is Call Tutors?

Let’s start with where Call Tutors is located.

The chat agent, “Myra,” says the company is in India and Australia

The phone number has a country code “61,” which is an Australian country code.

Call Tutors in based in Australia and India.

Notice the wording above in the “Contact Us” section? It says that if you reach out to them, “You will listen from us within 2 business days.” Hmm, that’s odd. We point it out because if Call Tutors writes that kind of content, don’t you think your teacher is going to immediately notice your paper wasn’t written by you?

Look at the images in the “About Us” section. Who is this guy?

“About Us” section shows random images without explanation of who/what it is.

We aren’t sure who the guy in the image is, or why he’s being featured. For all we know, it’s a random dude from the internet that has nothing to do with Call Tutors. Maybe not, but why wouldn’t they opt to explain it to us??

How Much is a Paper?

There isn’t really a pricing page at Call Tutors. This (below) is the closest we could find. It’s weird because the packages jump from $10 straight to $50 with nothing in-between!

Services Package prices at Call Tutors.

We asked “Myra,” the chat agent, how much a project would cost.

Chat agent gives a price with NO details about our project at Call Tutors.

Why would the chat agent quote us $40 when we didn’t tell her what we need?? It’s like they just wanted a quick payout and didn’t want to waste time pretending they were going to give us anything in return. “Myra” never answered us after we questioned her (in the image above).

Online Reviews:

We checked out Sitejabber and Trustpilot to see what kind of reviews Call Tutors has online. It’s worth noting that Trustpilot’s reviews for Call Tutors are 33% negative. One review after another accuses Call Tutors of plagiarism, not answering customer messages, and being scammers. Whether that’s true or not, who knows. But there are a LOT of these reviews, with many unhappy customers. reviews for Call Tutors are 33% bad. reviews for Call Tutors.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign essay service (India)
  2. Chat agent quotes $40 with NO details about our project (sounds like a scam)
  3. Web content is written poorly (and so would your paper be if you actually got one here)

Final Thoughts:

We could never EVER recommend Call Tutors. First, they’re in India, not a native English speaking country. Their web content is written so poorly that it’s evident they don’t understand English enough to write papers.

They quoted us $40 but had no idea what we even wanted, what our education level is, or any other relevant details about the project. All they wanted was to hurry up and get our money. Any time we asked questions, they just pushed for us to pay up.

When we dared to question them about why they gave us a quote with no details about what we needed, the chat agent ghosted us.

It’s a big, fat NO on this one!

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