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  • Foreign
  • Sky-high prices
  • Purposely disguises their location

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Who is Buy Essay Friend?

Despite having an “About Us” section, it’s hard to learn much about who is running the show at Buy Essay Friend. It’s fairly safe to assume they’re a foreign essay writing service based on the wording, the grammatical and syntax errors on the site, and their deliberate attempts to disguise their location. I mean, they don’t even have an address or phone or anything that says where they’re located in, say, a “Contact Us” section.

Just a head’s up: If they’re foreign, that means you will get a non-native English-speaking writer. So, beware.

How Much is a Paper?

We can tell you right now that nearly $50 per page for a paper due in 2 days is ridiculous! That’s almost double what American and Canadian essay writing services are charging! Nothing…and we mean NOTHING can warrant those prices! Turn and run!

Best & Worst Findings:

Right off the bat, we can tell you that the prices are astronomical! Some of the highest we’ve seen in all our reviewing. Not to mention, Buy Essay Friend purposely keeps vague on where they’re from…almost ensuring they’re foreign.

Final Thoughts:

When you buy an essay, keep in mind that not only will you be going up against AI detectors, but also some of those detectors will ping foreign-written papers as being AI-written! Even if they didn’t, you know as well as we do that it’s kind of easy to spot a foreign-written paper. Words like “kindly” and sentences that omit “the” or “and” or use verbs and pronouns improperly…they all stand out like a sore thumb to professors. Why risk your college career on overpriced papers written by foreign writers??

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