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$23.99 per page 2 days notice








  • Reasonable basic rates
  • Comprehensive FAQ section
  • Discounts


  • Foreign essay writing service
  • You cannot choose your writer
  • Push for upgrades on orders

Boom Essays Review

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Who is Boom Essays?

There is no back story or any type of “About Us” section on the Boom Essays website. All we can tell you is that they appear to be outside of the United States, which means they most likely utilize foreign writers.

Here is a hint they are foreign. Look at the image below from the FAQ section on Boom Essays, and tell me something. Who talks like this? It’s laughable!

Web content on Boom Essays reads like a foreign writer created it.

Writers are separated into categories (translation: You will be prompted to pay more for a better writer). Rather than hire all great writers, Boom Essays must take on everyone who is a warm, willing body. Therefore, when you go to order, you get pressured to “Get Some Extras,” which in this case means pay more for a decent writer.

Who wouldn’t want the best writer for his or her paper? It’s unfair to make customers pay more for a supposedly better writer. For example, who says you’ll actually get a better writer? It’s not like you can see their credentials! has various writer levels.

More About the Writers:

The writers are nameless, faceless entities that may all be the same three people for all we can tell. Look below to see what shows up on the “Browse Our Writers” section.

There are 102 pages of writers that are all listed in this format. It couldn’t be less personal. and those 4 and 5-star ratings? If you click on them, you’ll see each writer has only around one review (always great) that made up that rating.

An Essay Writing Service with Many Add-On Features (More Money!!):

Boom Essays markets their “extras” as fun little add-ons like getting sour cream on your baked potato at a restaurant, or getting your car waxed (not just cleaned) at the car wash! Their extra features are ones included by almost every single essay writing service out there. You should never have to pay more to get a no-plagiarism guarantee or your writer to proofread your final draft! That should always, always be included!

In the image above, I have a question mark because what I’m saying is, “Really??” I mean, besides the typo on the word “Standard,” Boom Essays charges $6 to allow you access to updates on your paper? That service should be offered for FREE with a reputable essay writing service. Look at the “Premium” add-on! $10 for someone to control your order quality and be sure you get it on time? Get real! That is absolutely unacceptable. You paid for it. You should get it on time without having to tack on another $10!

Online Reviews:

A lot of online essay writing services do not have many reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot (or anywhere else for that matter). Boom Essays may not have many reviews on Sitejabber, but they have an impressive 132 reviews on Trustpilot. Even if some of them are fake (paid for) and we aren’t saying they are since no one can tell for sure, it stands to reason that some of them are, in fact, real. Seeing so many reviews tells us that the likelihood of Boom Essays having a clientele is higher than many other essay services we’ve seen. reviews for Boom Essays. reviews for Boom Essays.

You Cannot Access Chat Without Providing an Email:

This is unheard of! 99% of chats do not require you to give out personal information just to get a few basic questions answered.

Boom Essays makes you give an email before chatting.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Basic rates are reasonable (just don’t get sucked into all the “extras”)
  2. Comprehensive FAQ page (although it’s written in a complicated way)
  3. Various discounts offered on page


  1. Foreign essay writing service (meaning foreign writers)
  2. You do not get to choose your own writer
  3. Constant push for customers to get “extras” and pay more for services other essay services include FREE!

Final Thoughts:

I never like to see essay writing services push add-on features. A few here and there are all right. Who doesn’t like to make a profit, right? However, when they try to charge students for features that should be included (and are included with most other essay service purchases) then it reads stingy, misleading, and unfair.

The company is foreign (most likely) and that could likely mean your writer doesn’t speak English as his/her first language. That’s never good, folks!

The basic prices are not crazy high, but watch out for those extra features they like to push at Boom Essays! Lots of those add-ons are free elsewhere.

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