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$33 per page with 2 days' notice








  • A lot of reviews
  • An extensive blog


  • Expensive ($33+ per page)
  • Makes customers pay a lot more for a native speaker
  • Very poorly written web content

Bookworm Lab Review

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Who is Bookworm Lab?

There is no “About Us” page on Bookworm Lab. All we can do is browse the site and try to gather as much info as possible, which is exactly what we did.

First, Bookworm Essay claims to be around for ten years.

Bookworm Lab claims to be in business for 10 years.

Second, their web content is full of mistakes, and written by someone who does not sound like a native English speaker.

Third, although Bookworm Labs claims (see image below) to have a team of native English speaking writers and editors, they think nothing of gouging customers by making them pay a lot more per page (around $9) to get a native speaker. Why would they charge more for a native English speaking writer if that’s who makes up their entire team? It makes no sense!

The circled part below just shows the strange (and incorrect) wording used all throughout the web content.

Finally, we asked about the location of the company because we couldn’t get a certain answer in our online search. The web content certainly looks foreign, but we hoped a chat agent would be honest.

A chat agents said the company is located in Chicago, but we don’t necessarily buy that.

Mia told us that the company is in Chicago. We can’t confirm or deny that. All we can tell you is that nothing about this company reads American. Nothing. And if you do some research on your own, you might agree.

How Much is a Paper?

You’ll pay over $32 for a 1-page paper due in 2 days if you want a native English speaking writer.

We tried to get a price from a chat agent just to see if he/she gave the same numbers to us but she wouldn’t help. She said we needed to fill out the form ourselves. pricing sheet.
If you want a native English speaking writer, you will pay over $32 per page.

The bottom line is that no one wants a foreigner writing their English-language paper! They just don’t! So why would you need to pay more to be assured you’ll get a native speaker? Then, when you do pay more, how do you know it’ll be a native speaker writing your paper? You don’t.

Online Reviews:

We were surprised at how many reviews we found for Bookworm Lab online! Trustpilot had 203 and Sitejabber had 83, at the time of writing this review.

Always take reviews with a grain of salt. Some bad ones are just competitors trying to smear the competition. Some good ones are paid for (not saying that Bookworm Lab did this, but just that some do). Compile your own research and see if you feel comfortable ordering with a service, rather than simply relying on reviews. reviews for Bookworm Lab. reviews for Bookworm Lab.

Pros & Cons:


  1. A lot of online reviews
  2. An extensive blog


  1. Expensive ($33+ per page)
  2. Makes customers pay more for a native English speaking writer
  3. Website is riddled with mistakes, making us wonder about their paper quality

Our Verdict:

After researching Bookworm Lab, we have to admit we’re stumped! First, they seem like a foreign company for sure, yet they say they’re in Chicago. Most foreign essay writing services lie, so that’s not the part that stumps us.

The part that’s making us scratch our heads, is that they have a TON of online reviews compared to other essay writing services. Now, we could conclude that they bought the reviews, but Trustpilot is pretty picky. In fact, they ban most essay writing services altogether, even the really legit ones.

The biggest pet peeves we have with Bookworm, are as follows: 1. Why say your team is comprised of native English speakers, and then charge a lot more for one of them? That’s either outwardly deceptive or just price gouging. Additionally, the chat agents usually bend over backwards to try and help, if only to land the sale. But in Bookworm’s case, the agent had short, abrupt answers that were far from helpful.

We don’t recommend Bookworm Lab, even with all those online reviews. But, as always, it’s not up to us. You can do some research on your own and see what you think!

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