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  • Foreign company
  • Impatient chat agents
  • High prices

BBQ Papers Review

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Who is BBQ Papers?

BBQ Papers likes to brag about how “American” they are, and that by using them you’ll be supporting your fellow Americans. Check out their business history on Sitejabber.

Spoiler: Their domain is registered in Iceland!!

On Sitejabber, BBQ Papers gives a detailed business history that is completely false according to our findings.

If they’re so American, why is their domain registered in Iceland?

Domain is registered in Iceland

We asked a chat agent, Erin, where the company is located. Here was her reply. By the way, notice her use of the word “whilst” instead of “while?” Know anyone in Houston or Cleveland that talks like that? Yeah, neither do we!

Chat agent says the support team is in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why did Sitejabber’s Business History (submitted by BBQ Papers themselves) claim they’re in Houston? And again, the domain is registered in Iceland! So, where are they?? Well, just to add to the mystery, we should mention that when we first went to the BBQ Papers website, we got a “Welcome Back” message! We’d never visited the site before. What’s that mean?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bbq-papers-welcome-back-1024x590.png

If you visit a site for the first time and they say, “Welcome Back,” it stands to reason that they also operate under other names and you’ve visited one of their other sites. The reason that’s crappy is you might have a bad experience with an essay service and then, unwittingly, get them again under a different name! It’s dishonest!

How Much is a Paper?

To get a quote, we started with Erin, the chat agent. She quoted us over $33 per page for a basic book report due in 2 days. That’s definitely higher than many other services.

The quote the chat agent gave was over $33 per page.

Next, we clicked on “Pricing” to see if the quote we got would match the chat agent’s price. It didn’t. At all.

Pricing chart is way off from the real prices.

Notice the quotes above are for 100 words? That’s not even one page! We’ve never see an essay service resort to this type of bait and switch, at least not this low. First, no one quotes for 100 words. A double-spaced page is between 250-275 words. So, right there the number is very misleading. Second, $6.77 per 100 words is less than 7 cents per word. Now, take 7 cents per word times 275 (your basic double-spaced page) and you get $19.25.

That means, the “real” price, according to the chart on their site, is $19.25 per page. However, we were quoted over $33 per page. Now, maybe that’s because we wanted the paper in 2 days, but even so…Why quote at 100 words when literally no other essay service does that??

Next, we began creating a simple prompt for a 1-page book report due in 2 days. We made it the simplest project to get the lowest possible price.

The lowest possible price on a 1 page paper due in 2 days is $33.17.

It looks like the lowest possible price for a 1-page paper due in 2 days is $33.17. That’s certainly higher than average. It’s also higher than the under 7 cents per word advertised.

Online Reviews:

BBQ Papers has 39 reviews on Trustpilot and 80 reviews on Sitejabber. We aren’t going to list the reviews because, quite frankly, they just look fake. In fact, almost everything about this essay service comes off as fake.

They claim to be in the states, but are registered in Iceland. The chat agents are impatient and just want to close the deal at any cost. The reviews are all glowing (every single company gets at least a handful of negative reviews if they’re legit). It’s all a bit too much in our humble opinion.

Impatient Chat Agents:

It’s interesting that when the chat agent thought too much time had passed (less than 10 minutes) without us placing my order, she deleted the entire conversation. We tried repeatedly over the span of 30+ minutes to get her to come back…to get anyone to speak with us. No can do, as they say. They ghosted us! So uncool!

Chat agent wouldn’t speak to us after over 30 minutes of trying.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Foreign company claiming to be American
  2. Impatient chat agents
  3. Priced higher than the competition

Final Thoughts:

It’s bad enough when essay services are deceitful about their location, but BBQ Papers takes in a notch further. They boast about being American, pushing the thought that you’ll be supporting American business by buying a paper from them. Then, we find out theyr’e registered in Iceland. It’s the worst kind of exploitation!

We could go on and on about the fake-looking reviews, the impatient chat agents that ghost you if you take too long or ask too many questions, or the high prices. But the truth is, BBQ Papers lies big-time about their location. So, for that reason alone we cannot recommend them.

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