Assignment Consultancy

Can't get a simple quote because of a ridiculously hard ordering process








  • Colorful site
  • Online reviews
  • No pop-ups


  • Foreign
  • Ridiculously difficult to get a quote
  • Poorly written web content (foreign)

Assignment Consultancy Review

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Who is Assignment Consultancy?

Well, let’s see… is an online essay writing service with a not-so-catchy name. Assignment Consultancy? Doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it? But, we won’t hold that against them.

However, we DO take issue with the terrible writing throughout their site! Check out one small example below…

about us page
Poor writing on the website

Read the underlined content. Not only is it poorly written, they forget spaces after periods and just write like a foreign writer would, you know? “We are called best homework help…” Also, “homework helps to the students and professionals.” Um…

When a website’s content is poorly written, it just makes us think that they use foreign writer, too. Not good for you.

On a brighter note (literally), the site is colorful and cheerful for what it’s worth. It’s eye-catching and easy to navigate.

How Much is a Paper?

As the kids say, OMG! This is ridiculous! Look below at the info they want at Assignment Consultancy just to give you a basic quote. We tried it using false name, email, etc. just to get a quick quote to show you, but it didn’t work. They just say “Thank you for your message. It has been sent.”

quote page
it shouldn’t be this hard to get an initial quote.

It really shouldn’t be so difficult to get an initial quote. Why force you to give up a phone number, personal email, name, and even attachments regarding your assignment, when all you wanted was just a quick estimate?

Therefore, if you give false info because you aren’t comfortable giving out all that private information upfront, you can’t get a quote. Why? Because they send the quote to whatever email you provided. Just dumb, really.

Online Reviews:

So, Trustpilot bans Assignment Consultancy from using their site for reviews. Not a huge deal since they ban a lot of legit writing services from using their platform.

Sitejabber shows over 200 reviews and gets a really high rating. But you have to notice the negative reviews, and more importantly, the replies from Admins. Very broken English shows that these guys don’t have a firm grasp of our language, which can drastically affect your grade! review page review page reviews for
Broken English from the chat agent that responded to this negative review about

Pros & Cons:


  1. Colorful website
  2. No pop-ups to distract
  3. Reviews to consider


  1. Foreign
  2. Ridiculously difficult to get a quote
  3. Poorly-written web content (might hint at foreign essay writers)

Final Thoughts:

Although the website is colorful and pleasing to the eye, the web content is poorly written, which probably indicates foreign writer.

It’s crazy-hard to get a quote. They ask you for way too much personal info to get even a quick initial quote, rendering the process aggravating and unnecessary.

They have a lot of online reviews on Sitejabber, but check out the Admin replies to reviewers. The wording is obviously foreign (again, this means they probably use foreign writers, too).

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