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Advanced Writers

$32.50 per page with 2 days notice








  • Reasonable prices


  • Foreign
  • Major price hike for native English speaking writers

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Who is Advanced Writers?

Advanced Writers is NOT in America, would be my guess. They purposely don’t talk about where they’re from. Think of American and Canadian companies…all they DO is brag that they’re North American companies! So, it stands to reason that when you don’t hear a peep about a company’s history or where they’re from, that they’re outside of the US.

While they don’t have an “About Us” section on the website, has this:

That’s about all you’re going to get as far as knowing what the company is all about. Not bad compared to some that don’t tell you anything at all, I guess.

How Much is a Paper?

Depending on what possible hidden fees (and I’m not saying there are any), these prices are fair. IF (and I need to be clear adding that “if”) the paper is written by a native English speaking writer then these prices are fair.

Oh no!!!!!!! Well, I wish I could say I’m surprised, but sadly, I’m not. So the price isn’t $25 per page for a high school paper due in 2 days. If you want a native English speaker to do it (and who says you’ll actually get one for that upgraded price) then you’ll pay a whopping $32.50 per page! I shouldn’t say “whopping.” Let me be clear: If you actually get a native English speaking writer for that price, it’s not horrible. But, I’m just not sure you would.

Best & Worst Findings:

~Best is a comprehensive website and “okay” pricing if you can swing a native English speaking writer

~Worst is the secrecy. Who are they? Where are they from? Also, why the 30% upgrade (er, penalty almost) for wanting a native English speaking writer? If you’re a native English speaking customer, shouldn’t you EXPECT your writer will be to?

Our Final Thoughts:

You can try them out, but only if you’re all right knowing they’re foreign and they don’t mind hiking the price up 30% to give you–a US citizen–an English speaking writer. Again, I always caution that you may not really get a native English speaking writer for that price hike. I mean, how can you be sure since you’re not meeting them in person? You might not get your answer until you get your paper back.

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