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Over $33 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Plenty of services offered
  • Chat agents to answer questions


  • Foreign company
  • High prices
  • Deceptive about location

Ace My Paper Review

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Who is Ace My Paper?

Many online essay writing services are actually the same outfit, operating under various names. When we began looking into Ace My Paper, it appears that their site (particularly the ordering process and chat feature) are the exact same as at least one other essay service (if not several) and that is 123 Homework.

Look at the pricing page of each…

123 Homework’s pricing page is exactly the same layout as Ace My Paper.
Ace My Paper pricing page looks exactly like 123 Homework’s price page.

Now look at the chat. We asked both 123 Homework and Ace My Paper where the company was located. Here’s the reply from each.

Ace My Paper claims to be in Cleveland.
123 Homework gives the same answer about location being in Cleveland.

123 Homework is registered in Iceland, so it stands to reason that Ace My Paper might be a foreign company, too.

How Much is a Paper?

It’s more than a little annoying when essay services try to force a would-be customer to provide a name, email, and phone number just to get a basic estimate. There is not even a price calculator on Ace My Paper’s website. You literally have no idea what they charge unless you fill this out…

Why must a would-be customer fill out so much personal info just to get a basic idea of pricing at Ace My Paper?

Instead of providing all of that personal information, we just asked the chat agent to give us a price.

The price for a 1-page paper due in 2 days at Ace My Paper is $34.35.

Online Reviews: reviews for Ace My Paper. reviews for Ace My Paper.

As you can see, there are a few dozen reviews to check out at Trustpilot and Sitejabber. They’re mostly good, but they always are with these foreign companies. We aren’t going to out and out accuse them of buying positive reviews. However, it’s just the same pattern we can’t help but notice repeating itself.


  1. Plenty of services offered
  2. Chat agents to help with questions


  1. Foreign company (that claims to be in Cleveland)
  2. High prices (over $34 per page with 2 days’ notice)
  3. Deceptive about location

Final Thoughts:

Ace My Paper is suspiciously similar to 123 Homework (and a lot of other online essay services). We don’t know if they’re the same outfit, but it sure seems like it. And 123 Homework is registered in Iceland.

We also don’t appreciate the chat agents lying to us by saying the company is in Cleveland. It’s obvious they’re a foreign essay writing service, but they try to pass themselves off as American.

The prices are high. You have to give way too much personal information just to chat or get a basic idea of pricing. The list of why to steer clear of Ace My Paper is long.

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