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Who is Academized?

Academized has an “About Us” section that provides a little information about their team, their writers, and their support.

About Us section of Academized

One thing we always like to know, though, is where are they from? Where is Academized operating out of? They don’t make that readily available on their site, so we decided to ask a chat agent.

Chat agent was unclear about the company’s location

This company is not based in the states. Period. The chat agent would not come out and say where they’re from, and the wording is “off.” It’s probably safe to say they’re based in Cyprus or India.

But wait…

When I pushed a little more (telling them I only wanted to work with an essay writing service outside of the US) here is what the chat agent said.

The company is in Cyprus.

There you go! It took a little teeth-pulling detective work, but the company is in Cyprus, which is what we expected.

How Much is a Paper?

The short answer is that you’ll spend about (((( per page with 2 days’ notice. But look below to see all of the potential add-on features they’ll try to talk you into buying.

Academized is big on add-on features that could really cost you.

If you chose a “Premium” or “TOP” writer, selected “Advanced” or “Premium” customer service (who wouldn’t want great customer service?) then you could be looking at one really expensive paper!

The cost of a paper with their best writers and their highest level of customer service.

Always Pushing for the Upgrades:

Although the chat agent was friendly, she certainly knew enough of what was expected of her to push for an upgrade before I hit that order button!

Pushing for upgrades

Online Reviews:

We could only find 16 total reviews for Academized. That’s not enough to really gauge the level of legitimacy of an essay writing service. The lack of reviews could mean that they’re a new company or, more likely, that they don’t have many customers. banned Academized. only shows 16 reviews for Academized.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Nice chat agents
  2. Easy-to-use website
  3. Offer plenty of services


  1. Foreign company (who is dishonest about location)
  2. Very high prices
  3. Foreign writers
  4. Too many upgrades pushed on you at checkout

Final Thoughts:

What can we say? It’s a foreign company charging way too much for papers. The chat agents try to convince you they’re in the US, only to later admit they are in Cyprus.

High prices, too many upgrades being pushed, and the use of foreign writers is a lot to digest. Add to the mix that they have almost no online reviews, and how could we recommend them to anyone?

Look, if these foreign essay services were actually as cheap as they initially try to make you believe (before you dive further into the ordering process and get the real price) then you wouldn’t be out much if you tried them. But they’re expensive!! It’s a really big gamble to possibly end up with a low-quality paper you might not get refunded.

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